Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm Back

Things have been a little quiet here on for the last 10 days. Mainly due to holiday. Guess if I was a real serious blogger I would have lined up some scheduled posts to appear while I was away. But hey i'm just not that organised.

Truth be told I intended to blog when I was on holiday. I even picked a campsite that had free wifi so I could stay connected! Sitting there on the first day looking at my computer screen I though what am I doing so I packed it up for the week and got disconnected. (Well almost. I still had my iPhone and twitter not exactly cold turkey eh?)

So the last 10 days:

  • 1100 miles behind the wheel.
  • 2 transitions through the Tunnel sous la Manche.
  • Umpteen tolls on various French roads.
  • Eurocamp Mobile home in St Jean De Monts in the Vendee.
  • Great French bread and lots of very cheap but nice wine.
  • Lots of sitting by the pool, watching the kids in the pool & a few games of pool.
  • A few French markets.
  • 1 novel - Jeffery Archer and 2 books - Irresistible Revolution and Samson & the pirate monks. (More about them later)
  • Many, many podcasts - Perry Noble, Erwin McManus, Mark Driscol & Matt Chandler.
  • A little bit of footy watching - never mind Man Utd there is always next year and if you get to the final the team might actually turn up.
  • Abbie's 17th Birthday.
  • and a stinking cold for the last few days with my ears hurting with an infection.
  • Laid up in bed on Sunday and Monday
  • Back to work on Monday to 100's of emails!
So that was my holiday how did you spend half term?


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