Saturday, March 06, 2010

Work the Word - Meditate

I hope many of you from MKCC have been joining in with the New Thru 30 reading plan this month. However one of the negatives of embarking on a plan that requires a lot of reading is that we start to just rush through just to get to the end.

I love this quote by Spurgeon:

Some people like to read so many [Bible] chapters every day. I would not dissuade them from the practice, but I would rather lay my soul asoak in half a dozen verses all day than rinse my hand in several chapters. Oh, to be bathed in a text of Scripture, and to let it be sucked up in your very soul, till it saturates your heart! --Charles Haddon Spurgeon

As someone once told me Meditation on the scriptures is using the same God given ability that we use often to worry, but using it to focus on scriptures.

Worry takes us on a downward spiral whilst meditation takes us in an upward spiral.

Work the Word - Hear
Work the Word - Read
Work the Word - Study


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