Friday, March 19, 2010

Equipment - Present

You don’t need a lot of equipment. You are the equipment. - Matt 10 v 10

At MKCC we are in the middle of building some new facilities. The people have been so generous in giving towards the building fund. We expect the building will be completed in September. More recently my mind has been focused on the equipment we will "require" to make church happen.

People keep asking what the budget is for things like PA / video etc and I just laugh and say "Budget what is that?" Seriously the figures talked about make me wince.

Again please understand me. I love great sound & music. Arresting and captivating video. Lights that create man made atmosphere and mood. Given unlimited budget I'd have it all twice over.

But seriously we really DON'T NEED it! God's presence puts the greatest of technology in the shade and the greatest of technology without God is a pile of junk.

I have known God's presence in a borrowed school building, singing to a second hand beat up piano reading words off a fuzzy OHP screen listening to a preacher through crackly speakers. I have also known the hand of God bring me to my knees when watching a story of life change brought to me by watching video screens that cost literally millions of pounds.

Man made technology is great but nothing compared to God's invention - YOU!


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