Thursday, March 11, 2010

Broken but loved

Over the last few weeks I have been confronted forcefully with reality that I am broken. I need fixing. I've tried to fix myself, boy I've tried. And slowly I am beginning to understand that I can't do it. To a Mr Fix it, control freak like me that's hard to even say let alone accept.

I don't say this to indulge in a pity party, I actually feel good about it. I feel like I have got to a place and a point where so many people even Christians don't get too. We realise we are broken and we cannot do anything about it. Of course we realise we are broken but we will not admit it to anyone even if we are brave enough to admit it to ourselves.

So we spend our lives covering up our brokenness and trying in vain to fix ourselves. Whist we are trying fix ourselves we even leave God out of the equation. We focus on ourselves and our weaknesses instead on God and His power.

Ultimately I think we are afraid. Afraid of exposure, afraid of failure, afraid of rejection.

Today I heard a phrase that helped me understand all over again in a brand new way.

"God is not in love with a future version of you." - Matt Chandler

Sure God has a future version of me that I am becoming but he loves me for who I am now. Broken and loved.


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