Monday, March 29, 2010

What you feel v What is real

On Sunday I had the opportunity to preach at MKCC on our latest series - The Cross.

Each Sunday we have looked at a different aspect of the Cross and how it speaks to us of God's love for mankind. This week we looked at Redemption.

We have a choice every day, we can live our lives by what we FEEL or what the Cross says is REAL. Below is a few quotes that really spoke to me:

"Too often we let our view of God and life be shaped by our feelings and the way we see circumstances. The Cross changes this. Instead of surveying our circumstances and listening to how that makes us feel. We need to survey the cross and let it speak to us of a different country, a glorious place that we glimpse too rarely as it disappears behind the fog of our feelings. But is truly is a place of wonder. It is a place of justification, reconciliation, redemption, atonement, holiness, righteousness, value, inheritance, grace, acceptance, and love." - Me

"We are far better at looking inward than we are at looking outward. Instead we need to expend our energies admiring, exploring, expositing & extolling Jesus Christ". – Sinclair Ferguson

"To sin now that we know Jesus and the price he paid, is not breaking rules, it is wounding love." - Martyn Lloyd Jones


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