Sunday, March 14, 2010


Searching the internet it would seem that 14 March 1963 was not a red letter day in History. According to Wikipedia no notable events took place. Some Australian cricketer called Bruce Reid was born and no one of note died.

So its not very special to anyone but a certain William Whyte Ritchie who popped his head into the world a little prematurely and a little sickly.

Funny how when you are growing up you want to be older. You want to start school, you want to go to big school, you want to leave school, you want to drive a car, you want to start work, you want to get married, you want to have kids. Now at 47 the tendency is to start looking back remembering instead of anticipating.

I want to to do both. I love the warm feeling of remembering but I want the adrenaline of looking forward.

Looking forward to getting to know my wife Nicola even more and enjoying life together.
Looking forward to my kids heading off into the adventure of life and encouraging them along the way.
Looking forward to what my master Jesus has in store for me and how he is going to change me.
Looking forward to Aberdeen & Villa both winning the league. (OK that may not be in my lifetime)


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