Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Living in and on the Bible

Read this quote by Charles Malik (1906-1987), Lebanon's ambassador to the USA (1945-55) over at Desiring God.

"I speak to you as a Christian. Jesus Christ is my Lord and God and Savior and Song day and night. I can live without food, without drink, without sleep, without air, but I cannot live without Jesus. Without him I would have perished long ago. Without him and his church reconciling men to God, the world would have perished long ago. I live in and on the Bible for long hours every day. The Bible is the source of every good thought and impulse I have. In the Bible God himself, the Creator of everything from nothing, speaks to me and to the world directly, about himself, about ourselves, and about his will for the course of events and for the consummation of history. And believe me, not a day passes without my crying from the bottom of my heart, ‘Come, Lord Jesus.'"

And yet we leave this book gathering dust on a shelf. Why? We talk about it, argue about it, fight for it, listen to other talk about it, read books about it BUT fail to read it, so never hear what God has to say to US.


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