Monday, March 01, 2010

Work the Word - Hear

Yesterday we completed our teaching series TXT at MKCC. We looked at "Working the Word into our Lives"

Here is one thing that summed it up for me.

"We don’t go first to the bible to find out about us and how we should live our lives, or to find out about church and how we should do it. We go to the Bible to discover God in all his glory and fall down on our faces in awe and gratitude."

We said that we needed to do 6 things to work the word into our lives:

  • Hear
  • Read
  • Study
  • Memorize
  • Meditate
  • Apply
This week I will provide some links that will help you in each of these areas:

Today - Hear

Download an MP3 at Faith Comes By Hearing
Listen at Youversion (Go to the bottom of the right hand panel on the Bible Reader view)
Buy an Audio Bible at amazon.

Listen or watch past sermons on the web from MKCC

Listen to other teachers:

Mark Driscol - Marshill Church
John Piper - Desiring God
Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones - Living Grace

You can listen on line, download MP3 or subscribe via iTunes.


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