Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Second-hand God?

If the statistic that only 20% of Christians regularly read the Bible with nearly 60% never or VERY occasionally reading it, my suspicion is that the number of us who talk to him on a regular basis is even less.

So the personal relationship with God that we hold out as a result of salvation is at best now a second-hand knowledge of God.

J B Phillips says in his book "Your God Is Too Small: A Guide for Believers and Skeptics Alike" (P44)

"The significance of this second-hand knowledge of ... the conception of the Character of God which slowley forms in our minds is largley made by the conclusions we draw from the "providences" and "judgements" of life. We envisage "God" very largely from the way in which He appears to deal with (or not to deal with) His creatures. If, therefore, our knowlege of life is faulty or biased or sentimental, we are quite likely to find ourselves with a second-hand god who is quite different from the real one."

Don't let God be filtered through other peoples eyes or even worse your own faulty set of spectacles. Get to know Him and let Him be God.


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