Saturday, March 06, 2010

Simple Church

“Don’t think you need a lot of extra equipment for this. You are the equipment. No special appeals for funds. Keep it simple." - Mark 6 v 8

We do a great job in the church at complicating things.
To do church we seem to NEED a lot of equipment.
Looking at our new church build has caused me to think about it much more.
We are having to think about all the things we NEED.
Really the list of things we NEED is much smaller than the list the we WANT (and more importantly can afford!)
We will not have all the bells and whistles but Jesus suggests that the equipment that the Holy Spirit works through is not cables, lights and projectors but flesh and blood.
The Holy Spirit has not found a home in a speaker or projector but he does take up residence in His people.

(Although I still love all the gadgets!!)


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