Sunday, July 26, 2009

5 Questions to ask your wife

Today I some at MKCC about "Making marriage work - Men".

In it I mentioned a post I read by Perry Noble called "Five Questions Husbands should ask their wives".

So on the basis that my marriage is a work in progress I have been asking the questions.

Number 1: What is the most romantic thing that I’ve ever done for you?

Now initially this question did not go to well for me Nicola's first answer was "well you do lots of NICE things for me not so sure about romantic." Not a great start but it got a little better.

  • She liked it when I took her away for her 30th Birthday and didn't tell here where we were going till we got to the airport. By the way it was New York.
  • She likes it when I bring her home flowers when she isn't expecting it.
  • She liked the watch I bought her when Abbie was born. (Blew it when Liam was born by buying an Ironing Board!)
  • She liked this blog post.
What about you? Have you asked the question?


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