Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The voice of insecurity

Over the last few days reading through the process of Saul becoming King over Israel I am struck my all the really supernatural events that took place.

  • God appeared to the prophet Samuel to tell him Saul was on his way. (1 Sam 9 v 15)
  • God confirmed to Samuel that Saul was His man when he met Saul. (1 Sam 9 v 17)
  • Samuel prophesied to Saul about what was about to happen. (Then it did) (1 Sam 10 v 1)
  • God supernaturally changed Saul's heart. (1 Sam 10 v 9)
  • God's Spirit came on Saul and he prophesied. (1 Sam 10 v 10)
I think with all this going on I would have started to believe that God had a plan for me but it seems that Saul was racked with insecurity. A crippling disease. After all these supernatural events Saul is too scared to tell even his family about what had happened and is found hiding when his time comes.

Saul continued to listen to the voice of insecurity in his life rather than the voice of God. It even drove him to attempt murder.

Ultimately God's mantle passed to a new generation through David.

I'm trying to let God's voice drown out the carping shout of insecurity.


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