Friday, July 24, 2009

3 Month Tithing Challenge

This past weekend I used an illustration using Jelly Beans to help our church understanding tithing a little better.

Here is the video. Shout out to Perry Noble who I saw do this and I think he based it on something Ed Young did. (They did it much better than me).

This last 2 weeks 16 people at MKCC have started tithing as part of the 3 month tithing challenge. I am sure God will honour them.

Tithing from MKCCpreaching on Vimeo.


Russell Earl Kelly said...

God might honor your sacrificial giving but He does not honor your giving because you call it tithing. Tithing was always only food miraculously increased only by God from inside HIs holy land. Period. There are 16 texts to prove this.

The whole law was a test. Obey ALL to be blessed; break ONE to be cursed. If you tithe and break the rest of the law you are still cursed. Galatisns 3:10-13 clearly replaces the mentality of Malachi 3:10-12.

Roger Blackmore said...

Great job!

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