Monday, July 13, 2009

God's presence or our position

One of the saddest sights to witness is God's people in fighting. I've seen families and churches torn apart when then should have been fighting side by side.

Its nothing new God chose to give us a ring side seat at Saul's obsession with killing David.

Saul's son Jonathan gets to the point in 1 Sam 23 v 17 when he says:

“Don’t despair. My father, Saul, can’t lay a hand on you. You will be Israel’s king and I’ll be right at your side to help. And my father knows it.”

Very often these fights have this at the core: Everyone wants to be King.

Sometimes we get so interested in protecting our position we miss God's plan and His plan is far more important than our position.

There is only one King and that is Jesus and we do well to remember he came as a servant.

Saul tried to hold on to his position so long that God just moved on. We need to crave God's presence more than our position.


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