Sunday, July 05, 2009

Phil Wall at MKCC

Today we had the privilege of hosting special guest Phil Wall today at MKCC. Phil became a christian at the age of 20 whilst a policeman. Based out of the Salvation Army he was a travelling evangelist for many years. More recently he founded the charity Hope HIV and now as well as championing the charity he is a leadership coach.

Phil had me hooked from the moment he started. Talking from the last few verses of Matthew 28 here were my highlights.

  • They all worshiped Jesus but some doubted. Why have we given doubt such a bad name in the church. (v17)
  • Doubt and unbelief are not the same thing.
  • I doubt but I believe enough for God to use me.
  • It is a travesty that all we seem to remember Thomas for is doubt. Only a few chapters earlier he was ready to follow Jesus to Jerusalem even if it meant death.
  • I'm glad that God uses doubters. Really glad.
  • Even when it does not look like it ALL authority belongs to Jesus.
  • When we are fully convinced about the authority of Jesus we can have confidence no matter what.
  • Some times we the church are so insecure that we get consumed with internal politics and theology instead of engaging the world.
  • We worship a god who is constantly lapping at the shores of peoples lives. (Man that has given me enough to think about for a long time)
  • The greatest thing we get to do as Christians in this world is kiss the scars of broken people.
  • We mist live our lives in such a way that they make no sense unless Jesus exists.
  • We apprentice people by how we live.
If you did not here Phil then you can listen or download audio here. Video will be at Tuesday.


Johnny said...

Phil is one of The Salvation Army's great prophetic voices.

A good man!


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