Friday, July 17, 2009

Why teach on marriage on a Sunday?

Last week we started a new teaching series at MKCC called "iwantanewmarriage".

We have received one or two questions and comments regarding the wisdom of teaching on marriage at our Sunday services in that it excludes people who are single.

Mark tries to answer this on his blog so I thought I would post his comments here:

"Here's six reasons why...

1 . Jesus talked about marriage…so the church should as well. Marriage was God’s idea and He hasn’t changed His mind about what He had to say.

2 . People are hurting! With around 50% of marriages ending in divorce…something isn’t right! Maybe people have tried every way to make things work except the right way!

3 . We want to help, encourage and challenge every existing marriage to build a strong, healthy and satisfying marriage.

4. We have singles! And we really want to help you get things right in their relationships right from the start.

5. We all have friends, work colleagues or family members who are married or in relationships who may be struggling at this time. God wants to use you! We encourage you to invite people so come along on Sundays to hear us talk about marriage and relationships..

6. It is our continued passion that in this series people meet Jesus Christ.

Throughout this series we will be sharing many relational principles that work in all our relationships. "

My Comments:

Each week we as teachers of God's word have the awesome responsibility of communicating truths from God's word to a wonderful but varied congregation. Each person that attends our services is valuable and each on their own special journey with God each with their own individual set of circumstances. We also have a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Young People living at home, independent young people, dating, engaged, single, married, separated, divorced, widowed, single parents the list goes on.

One of the constant areas that I am aware that I need to work at in terms of communicating is to keep this wide range of people in mind. It is natural to draw on your own life and experience for illustrations to help people understand God's word but it is important to draw stories from other people. I want and need to improve.

That said I am sure that this series will help many people who are married and many people who may get married at some time. The devastation caused by a failed marriage is all too clear.

So if you are single and never intend to get married bear with us. (and getting married is not a must for everyone Paul talks about being single as a way of life in his letter to the church at Corinth) Firstly I am sure you will learn some biblical principles about relationships.

Secondly with the prevalence of failed marriages out there you are more than likely going to know someone who is struggling and I trust you will learn something that will help you with some good biblical advice.


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