Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Will you please listen!

Heading up to Canton yesterday we got the opportunity to try out a new Sat Nav. Its not something we have really used before so me wanting to be doubly sure I also printed out a route map.

Everything was fine until the Sat Nav took us off the Interstate a junction early. My route map said the I-75 was the way to go but the Sat Nav was taking us down a normal what we would call in the UK an A road rather than the Motorway. So I decided to try to cut across to get on the faster route only for the Sat Nav to recalculate and take us away from the I-75 again. This happened a couple of times. I was getting frustrated because this computer thing was slowing us down.

During yet another attempt to get on the Interstate we saw a huge line of stationary traffic and then noticed this little symbol on the Sat Nav that was clearly trying to tell us that there was a problem on the road and it was trying to help by getting us to our destination by a detour but actually quicker.

I said to Mark that God must get so frustrated with us sometimes. He knows what is up ahead and tries to help us but we think we know the best way and refuse to listen to his voice.

Think I will listen more to the robotic voice of our sat nav guide a little more and listen a little more to the voice of the Holy Spirit today.


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