Thursday, March 20, 2008

Unleash - Tony Morgan

I next attended a breakout session by Tony Morgan on communication. It was titled "Ten Steps to becoming blogging BFS" I am going to show my ignorance and probably my age but I still have no idea what BFS stands for. Please enlighten me.

  1. Determine your primary audience.
  2. Post regularly (The last few days have not done me any favours!!)
  3. Keep posts short.
  4. Do not sell yourself. (Most people are adverse to people who think they have it all together)
  5. Use humour.
  6. Do not attack other people.
  7. Remember blogging is not private. (Think before you publish)
  8. Be a thought leader not a follower or a mirror.
  9. Do not listen to your critics.
  10. Reveal the real you
He also launched a competition to see how some of the bloggers present could post about his session but include the word flamboyant. Read the winning entry here. A part from my computer problems I intended to enter but after reading the meaning the word here. I decided to pass. Why would a good Brit include a French word on their site anyway. Oh I suppose I just did.


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