Monday, March 10, 2008

Road Trip USA

Setting off today for the US. Flying from Heathrow to Atlanta, Georgia.

So far the trip has not gone totally smoothly. We drove down from Milton Keynes on Sunday night to avoid the early morning traffic to stay in a hotel. (Well if you could call it that but that’s another story)

Coming off the motorway I went to change down as I neared the end of the slip road and although the clutch seemed to work the gear stick just wouldn’t budge. Using brute force and ignorance I managed to get the thing going again only for it to totally give up the ghost as I turned into the hotel car park.

This morning we decided to share a taxi with another couple of guys who were also heading to the airport. Them the south terminal us the North. We dropped them off and went to the north. On opening the boot I was greeted not with my case but an unfamiliar item . Then it hit he had taken my case.

Eventually I decided to break into his case and the only thing I could find was an old business card in a wash bag. In desperation I called the number to find out if the person on the other end of the phone knew anyone travelling from Gatwick today. Thankfully it was the gentleman’s wife. Solved I though. The guy would probably be sitting somewhere wondering how he could get his case back. Well no when I finally got hold of him he had actually check my bag in as his.

Now I’ll give him the fact that both cases were black but there the similarities ended. It then took another hour to get my bag back and mad dash to the other terminal before check in closes.

So with some minor dramas Mark and I are off to Atlanta leaving a sick car behind.


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