Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Thoughts

  • The advent of British Summer time and the clocks going forward by an hour played havoc with out attendance today. It was way down. One of those Sundays as a Pastor you can go what on earth is going on! And all your insecurities come to the surface.
  • Mark did a great job with his message on Its time for us to wake up to the mission of Jesus. Using the example of the elder son from Jesus story about the lost son in Luke 15 v 12 and following. Listen to it here.
  • Although the elder son had been with the father throughout he just had not grasped it. He just did not understand the fathers heart. This challenged me. I have been in church for over 40 years and am asking the question again do I understand His heart. Clearly from this story its about the lost being found. What am I doing to find lost people?
  • Dropped by McDonalds and picked up some breakfasts for our volunteers who were in early. Many of them arrive at 7am to set up and sound check etc. It went down well so maybe we will do it again.
  • MK Dons are playing in the final of some obscure football cup this afternoon. Those absent from church have been noted. Hopefully I will see the second half. Come on you Dons.
  • Just to remind you again our new service times on a Sunday are 8.30 am, 10.15 am and 12 noon. We didn't just change it for Easter Sunday.


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