Thursday, March 27, 2008

What God wants to say to senior pastors

In the lat session of Unleash, Perry shared some advice for Senior Pastors from the life of Moses (Exodus Ch4). You can watch the session here in full here.

My notes:

  • If you want to make it for the long haul deal with your pride and insecurities.
  • Go back to where he called you.
  • God does not say oops!
  • Use your staff. God did not give moses to the staff he gave the staff to moses so it could support him.
  • Pay staff well - Ask what it would cost to replace them.Respect them and honour them.
  • Sitting at the table is someone who does not belong.
  • Staff members need to know some things.
    • They have never felt the weight that the Senior Pastor feels.
    • Never felt the criticism that Senior Pastors feel.
    • When your Senior Pastor is riding down the road and your name pops into his head does it bring joy.
  • We need to take God directed risks. (Ex 4 v 3 - 5)
  • God wanted moses to do something that if God did not intervene he was going to get bit.
  • Understand at times ministry is going to hurt.
  • The church is not effective if the Pastor is ministering to it. It is effective when the body ministers to the body.
  • Most importantly follow His (Jesus) leadership.
At the end Perry asked all the Senior Pastors to stand and for all their team that were with them to stand with them and pray for them. It was an incredible privilege to stand with my friend and leader Mark, affirm my love and support and pray God's blessing.

If you are reading and you attend a church please take some time to watch the video here and then take the time to do the same for your Senior Pastor or leader.


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