Saturday, March 01, 2008

Circumstances or Destiny

Circumstances or Destiny

Acts 27. A prisoner, in the middle of the "perfect" storm, on his way to almost inevitable death Paul was certainly in dire straights. But it would seem that Paul's was the one voice of hope out of the hundreds on the ship.

Paul chose to see his destiny above his present circumstances. I know this can be only too hard. The immediate always presses into our peace of mind. One thing for sure is that Paul lived a life that was always open to the voice of God in every situation and whats more he believed it for a certainty. If God had said it then that was the final word.

The important thing to note from Paul's life is that he was a man who always listened to the voice of God. He didn't start in the middle of the storm. Long before he ever got on the boat he knew his destiny in God so even a 14 day mega storm couldn't shake his belief.


Anonymous said...

Well said.He knew his destiny in God.To me,Paul was well aware that his life wasn't always going to be an easy one.But in his heart,he had faith in God.This circumstances was part of his destiny.He had to face it with God.

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