Saturday, March 29, 2008

LifeChurch Rocks

Spent a great evening last night with some of the guys from LifeChurch. Bobby, Kevin Penry and Chris Byers were on a short visit in the UK on the way on to meet up with Rick Warren in Rwanda.

Mark and I were humbled that the guys would take time out of their shedule to visit with us. They have an incredible heart and vision to help and equip the church to be more effective in its mission to the world. They are keen to learn about different cultures so they can better fulfill their vision.

They are developing incredible resources for the church worldwide like open, swerve and YouVersion and giving it all away free. They are not content just to rest in the status quo but are looking to make a impact not for themselves but for Jesus.

Although I have been around church most of my life since becoming more involved on a full time basis a few years ago I have been surprised at the ego and competition that exists in pastors forums in the UK. With these guys there is a complete absence of ego in fact they seem to think they can even learn something from talking to the likes of me who is just making it up as I go along.

I'm encouraged that together with a kingdom mindset we can achieve so much more than we can in our own bunkers of self importance.

By the way YouVersion have just added the NIV and TNIV versions check it out here. They have a great daily reading plan here.


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