Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Flannelgraph Jesus

This past weekend Mark Beeson of Granger Community Church had an illustration in his message using a flannel graph. I know I am showing my age and also my church background because many people will not even know what a flannel graph was. Well for the uninitiated a flannel graph was the cutting edge of children's ministry 40 years ago. Sunday School teachers used little felt figures on a board to tell a bible story in a visual way. A poor mans animation.

The reason I say this is that it sent my mind back to my mum. My mum died eight years ago this past week. For most of her life she taught in our church Sunday school. Because of illness she eventually had to give up teaching. I can remember her telling me that she was disappointed that she had not quite completed 40 years as a teacher. She had a passion for teaching children that kept her involved in it for the long haul.

What I do remember was all the flannel graph stories. I did not only get them at Sunday School but I got to see them at home when she was practicing for her "preach". The flannel graph and my mum introduced me to all the wonderful stories of the Bible and I will be ever grateful to both of them.


Anonymous said...

I too remember flannel graph and am in the process of trying to get one for our sunday school as I feel it is a great way to tell a story.
Aren'e we fortunate to have had good parents!

Anonymous said...

I use flannelgraph to teach my 4th grade Sunday school class. I was raised by godly parents, one a seminary professor and the other a Bible Club and Sunday school teacher. When I began teaching myself, 32 years ago, I began with flannelgraph, as well. I have used it in Bible Clubs and church for years and have found it very effective. I taught a Bible Club in my own home for 8 years and used it the whole time. Even 8th graders enjoyed it and would retell the stories for me using the board and figures. My fourth graders now love it. It is amazing that the effective ways of teaching lose favor over the years and entertainment with no real purpose has replaced what was once used by the Holy Spirit to bring many children to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior. We need a revival in the way we are teaching children today. gm

Anonymous said...

I too have used flannel for Sunday school.
I am wanting to know what I can use to stick
my own cut outs onto the flannel. WHat can I put on the back of them?
Can you write me. Thank you.
Evie from New York

jude brown said...

I will be taking a mission trip to Cambodia in Feb. 2012 with the purpose of teaching women in remote areas how to teach Bible stories to children. I hope to make up packets of about six stories. I am having trouble finding simple flock paper sets. I plan to copy them and paste on flock paper with a few strips of fine sandpaper glued on the back.Does anyone know where they can be bought? je.childofgod@gmail.com jude brown

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