Thursday, March 20, 2008

Unleash 2

A combination of a dodgy laptop, poor wireless connection, jet lag and preparing for Easter services has meant next to no entries but hopefully now I can get back into a regular pattern after my trip to the US.

Continuing Perry 3 questions:

2. What are the barriers that stand in our way?

  • The older generation usually gets angry at the younger generation.
  • We refuse to change and can have a lack of understanding.
  • Problems arise when we allow our personal preferences you get in the way of God’s preferences.
  • Be careful what you speak against because if God is in it you are speaking against the Holy Spirit.
  • I think God will do a great work in a church around you to test your character.
  • We don’t understand what we have got ourselves in to.
  • We have the power of the Holy Spirit, the calling of God and the Word of God.
3. What do we want to celebrate?
  • God says I don’t care who in political office because He (God) has got the trump card.
  • Do we celebrate because a certain party is in power? Do we celebrate the 99 in the church? We celebrate when someone who was lost comes home. When someone steps over the line of faith and becomes a follower of Jesus.


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