Saturday, April 19, 2008


Mark did a great Job last week talking about Who's Money is it anyway? in the latest part of our series Deal or no Deal. We discovered that God is the owner and we are the managers. That is an important principle to get our heads around.

If God really is the owner of all our stuff. My house, My Car, My Clothes, My Stuff & My Income would I use it in a different way. How would I spend my money if I thought it was Gods? That's a huge question.

Also how would effect how we give to him. Mark talked about tithing. Many people say that tithing, giving 10% of what I earn to God, is an Old Testament practice. We now live in the day of Grace and the law now does not apply. Without going into that discussion. What I do know is that if we really understand the width and depth of God's grace 10% would become the starting point and not the target.

Below is a video we used from which is one of the most clear explanations of tithing I have seen. Watch it and if you are from MKCC and are not tithing take our challenge by clicking here.


Russell Earl Kelly said...

If you have any interest at all in what the arguments are against NT tithing, then I invite you to look at my web site and book which came from my PHD thesis on the subject. I am not against gospel support, but I am against using principles of law to support a faith-based ministry.

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