Thursday, April 03, 2008


In 1982 I was an "inmate" at the AOG Bible College - Mattersey Hall. I went to yet another lecture. This one was the first time that Chris Bowater came to teach us. On arriving at the class Chris said I am not teaching you about worship here in a class room and we all went to the chapel and had a wonderful time of worship where God really broke into our pursuit of academia and spoke to our hearts. I remember that day clearly as it was yesterday more that any other information or fact I learned in my time at Bible College.

Chris could have spent an hour talking to us about worship principles from the book of Psalms, worship in the tabernacle and worship in the New Testament, all of which would have been interesting and probably enlightening. But worship is not a head thing its a heart thing. Its a connection of adoration and thankfulness between you and your lover God.

Worship is what you give day by day sometimes in song sometime in action to your God. Its an experience not a spectator sport or ritual.

Take a minute now just to worship Him, right where you are.

By that chapel was also where I was introduced to my all time hero of prophetic songs that still mess with my mind today but more of that later.


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