Saturday, April 05, 2008

I need to go and lie down

Rumor has it that being Scottish and parting with money does not come naturally. Deciding to part with money usually takes some time for me and on Saturday I definitely parted with some.

1. I changed my car.
2. I booked a holiday.

If truth be told it is 2 decisions that I have thought about for a long time. Eight years ago after my mum died my dad gave me her car. A lovely Mercedes C180. It had sat in the garage and although 3 years old had less that 13000 on the clock. Well in the last 8 years we have put on over 100,000 and enjoyed driving it. However in the last couple of years things had started to go wrong with it. Mainly I think due to its first 3 years of life near the sea in Cairnbulg. It was going to start costing allot of money so I had to bite the bullet. Liam is very excited to be getting a Honda CR-V. It looks like a Jeep but does not cost as much to buy or run. We pick it up next Friday. It will be a bit strange and a bit sad to part with my mums car. Somehow driving it I still felt connected, daft I know, but true.

Also to compound my spending spree I booked a Eurocamp holiday in the Vendee near St Jean De Monts. We have been there a couple of times before so looking forward to spending the May school holiday there. Taking a well earned rest after the Ultimate Event at Alton Towers, and we will celebrate Abbie's 16th birthday as well.

Time to go and lie down and recover from my spending spree. And to make matters worse Mark begins a series on Finance in church tomorrow!


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