Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Later in the year we are planning to do a teaching series in MKCC called "The Pursuit of Happiness". Very often when you ask people what they think the goal of life is or if they could choose one thing they say "I want to be happy".

In my daily readings today i've arrived at Ecclesiastes, so I am full of the Joy of spring (Sarcasm)

Ecl 2 v 2 What do I think of the fun-filled life? Insane! Inane! My verdict on the pursuit of happiness? Who needs it?

Solomon went after happiness with everything he could throw at it. In Chapter 2 he lists all the things he went after to gain happiness and fulfilment in his life. Possessions, pleasure, wealth, power, drink, sex the list goes on. Only to reach the conclusion that it all came up short.

There is only one thing worth pursuing in this life - Jesus.

We have been singing the song The Stand by Hillsong at church lately. Here are some of the words.

So what can I say
What can I do
But offer this heart O God
Completely to You

So I’ll stand
With arms high and heart abandoned
In awe of the One who gave it all

So I’ll stand
My soul Lord to You surrendered
All I am is Yours

Bring some happiness into your life today pursue Jesus.


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