Tuesday, April 01, 2008

God's love

A few years ago God invaded my life in a way that I had never experienced after reading the Philip Yancey book What is so amazing about grace? I have made a commitment to read it at least once a year since. (If you have not read it get a copy here or if you are part of MKCC and can not afford it shoot me an e mail and I will get you one.)

You think you have read it all and bang God steps into your world and reminds you that HIS love is infinite and boundless. Take a few minutes to watch the video below which took me this morning out of my usual seat in Starbucks and into the heavens. (Well figuratively speaking I haven't gone stark raving mad)

It was written by a young man the day after his friend and youth leader had died in a car crash. Earlier the previous day the youth leader had prayed to God that he would give his life if God would shake the youth of the nation. There is only one thing that is going to shake a nation. That one thing is God's love.


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