Monday, April 07, 2008

Silence in Church

Growing up in church the thing I remember more than most was being told to be quiet. The type of services we had back then seemed to have lots of quiet times where nobody spoke. People were praying. (Always seemed strange to me. We had all week to sit quietly before God and meditate alone just us and God. Then when we came together we did the same. Surely when we came together it was our opportunity to share, encourage and pray for each other in corporate worship. But that's another story.) So we were continually told to be quiet which for a young kid sitting on an uncomfortable pew on a wooden floor was impossible.

Well church nowadays does not have as much silence with drums, guitars and the like but it did seem a little quiet during the preaching on Sunday. Mark started our new focus on finance - Deal or no Deal. Its amazing how quiet it is when we talk about money. But it is certainly a real issue that we all have to deal with. Mark said that the reason we were doing the series was because may of us are lost financially.

How do we know we are lost:

1. We are transferring balances from credit card to credit card.
2. When you think paying the minimum payment on a credit card is sound financial management.
3. When we are making financial decisions and keeping them secret from our spouse.
4. When we are taking out loans to pay off loans.
5. When we have no idea what we spend and what we spend on.

If you missed Sunday listen to it here. I suspect its going to be a few quiet weeks in church as God helps us to start making the right choices to financial freedom.


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