Monday, April 14, 2008

Building & Renovations

Spent the day with our Architects, Capita over in Cambridge. We are getting ready to resubmit our planning application for our new Church hall and foyer space. We also submitted our planning application for the extension and refurbishment to our day nursery and Kidz Church.

We are expecting a result back on the nursery renovations in May so today we were putting together the room data sheets for the whole site including the new hall, foyer, nursery and existing hall. We were detailing things like finishes, electrics and the like.

Extending and renovating the nursery and kidz church area will present us with logistical usage problems which we have to address but the short term challenges will give us a great facility longer term.

We are in the process of obtaining final quotes for the refurbishment of the existing hall, foyer and ancillary areas so we really hope to get that moving soon. It will be nice to see that back of the old blue carpet!


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