Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday thoughts

  • Woken very early by someones alarm going off for ages. Finally went back to sleep only to sleep through my alarm. Mad dash then to pick up McDonalds Breakfasts for our early morning volunteers at church.
  • Mark finished off our series Deal or no Deal with Investing in the future. He talked from the account of the feeding of the 5000.
  • Some of Jesus disciples were small minded. A small boy with small loves and small fishes to feed so many people. Jesus never thinks small. How am I boxing Jesus in?
  • This young boy gave all he had to Jesus. He didn't hold anything back for himself. He didn't do a deal with Jesus. I've got 5 loves Jesus so I'll let you have 4 and keep one. I've only got 2 fish so you can have 1 and I'll have one. He totally cashed out! What is Jesus asking you to cash out today?
  • Mark asked what happened to the boy afterwards. It does not say in the Bible but he suggested that there 12 baskets of left overs. So maybe he was given one of the baskets. Can you imagine when he got home. He left with a small packed lunch and came back with a basket of food. How was he going to explain that to his mum. That's God for you.
  • People made a decision to follow Jesus in everyone of our 3 services today and we were talking about finance. Whats that all about. Only Jesus can do that.
  • For some reason numbers in main church were slightly down over the 3 services but Kids Church was crammed.
  • Nicola was away with Bev and Laura to Willow Creek Children's Conference so Ryan and Paulette looked after Kidz Church. They did an awesome job.
  • Watched Villa v Everton. Switched off in disgust when Everton took the lead with a couple of minutes to go. Only to find out that we equalised. 2 - 2 and I missed it.
  • Had a nice meal with Liam at TGI's - but its way over priced.

  • Now trying to tidy up before Nicola arrives home tomorrow.


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