Friday, April 25, 2008

Friendship or Adulation

It strikes me that some things afflict every generation. Today we see an obsession with the celebrity. Whole magazines are dedicated to the gossip surrounding the current celebrity of the moment. Newspapers trumpet the arrival of the next heir to the stardom throne only to lead the revolt to topple their reign.

The advent of reality TV shows seems to have brought the possibility of the celebrity life to people that would have never had a chance of it before. For a few short weeks fame hungry people will do anything to gain adulation or infamy.

This is no new craze. Solomon wrote about this 1000's of years ago, read Ecl 4 v 14 - 16. The 1000's of new found fans soon melt away. Contrast this to his talk about friends in v 9 - 11.

A partner in work and pleasure, a rock in times of trouble and difficulty and an encouragement in your darkest days.

I think I would rather have friendship than adulation. Celebrates can be made overnight but friendships are build over a lifetime. How are you intentionally building these types of friendships into you life.


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