Monday, January 11, 2010

Waiting, waiting, waiting for God to speak.

Noah watched the changing circumstances but didn't act till God told him too.

The flood began to go down. He stayed put.
The rain stopped. He stayed put.
The ark ran aground. He stayed put.
He could see mountain tops. He stayed put.
A dove came back with food. He stayed put.
A dove did not come back. He stayed put.
He looked up and the flood was gone. He stayed put.
God said its time to leave, so he did.

As the days rolled by I would have been impatient to get on with it. But Noah even waited 27 days after he saw that the flood was gone, for the ok from God.

Reminds me that listening and waiting for Gods time is so important.


Chris said...

Hey Bill, I have been praying about some stuff, saw your lead - seen a good principle in what the word of God shows through Noah's experience. Pressures, especially financial pressure puts us under pressure to take action, even when one is in God's will and calling. This has given me a confirmation to my spirit.
God bless- and thanks for sharing this.



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