Thursday, January 07, 2010

Choosing Leaders

Faced with a complaint in the early church the apostles needed to release leaders to release them to focus on what God had called them to do mainly "prayer & ministry of the word". (Acts 6 )

Faced with this dilemma today. Most leaders would get together decide amongst themselves who they thought was the best people for the job, appoint them and tell the congregation about their appointment.

On this occasion at least the apostles did it a different way. They got the congregation together told them the problem and asked them to choose the best people for the Job. This would be anathema to much of the insecure leaders that seem to abound in church leadership today.

I don't really want to say that this is the only way it should be done because it isn't but it certainly was done once. If nothing else it confirms one thing that ultimately leaders are recognized more than appointed.

We don't hear much about the other guys they chose but in Stephen they recognised a cracker.


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