Saturday, January 02, 2010


70 Years after the nation of Israel had been decimated by King Nebuchadnezzar and their people carted off in to slavery, the time had come for things to change. God organised a change of empire and the door was open for freedom and return.

I suppose my surprise is that Ezra only lists a total of 49,897 who were ready to head back. Many decided for all sorts of reasons that the journey and project was not for them. But these 49,897 were the special ones. They were the visionaries, dreamers, pioneers, the workers and the givers.

On arrival they gave an offering: "They gave to the building fund as they were able, about 1,100 pounds of gold, about three tons of silver, and 100 priestly robes." - Ezra 2 v 68.

Ezra didn't count the people who stayed behind he counted the ones who were ready to sacrifice for the mission.

I always want to be one of the counted in Jesus mission.


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