Friday, January 15, 2010

Prayer: I'm glad its about God and not my faith

I am sure that not everyone is going to agree with this but hey its my blog so here goes.

Some people see prayer as a leaver to get God to give them what they want. I see it more as a mechanism to bring me closer to God and for Him to tell me what I need to hear.

I am told that I just need more faith. Then God will heal my friend. What sort of God would with hold healing for someone because of my lack of faith?

A story that has a funny edge is recounted in Acts 12 is interesting. Peter is in prison and the church is praying. God sets Peter free miraculously but he has so little faith that he actually thinks it is a dream.

On his release he goes to the home where the church is meeting to Pray for him only to be left at the door by a surprised servant who is then in turn not believed by the people praying.

So even the people who called the prayer meeting and were "earnestly" praying seemed to have a lack of faith but Peter was still freed.

We seem to struggle to accept the fact that God does answer prayer (Yes, No or not yet) but not always in the way want.


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