Saturday, January 09, 2010

St Stephens Day

In two short chapters of the book of Acts we are introduced to Stephen and then immediately see him become the first Christian Martyr.

Time and time again we read that Stephen was "FULL of the Holy Spirit". He clearly was a godly man. He was recognised by the whole church at that time to become a leader in the church. To see a promenient and godly man active in ministry and full of the Holy Spirit put to death must have sent shock waves around the Church. It was a day that everything changed. Your faith could now cost you your life.

Its shows the respect the church had for him in that St Stephens Day is celebrated on the 2nd day of Christmas (26th December). Jesus one day, Stephen the next. Somehow in the UK the 26th has become known as boxing day. Think I will start remembering Stephen rather than a box.

I believe Stephen is unique in that when he saw a Theophany he saw both the Father and the Son.

I live in a country that for many years your faith has not resulted in your death but for so many around the world it is still a destinct possability. I thank God for the freedom I have and pray for those facing the prospect of making the ultimate sacrifice for their faith.


Tucker said...

Always interesting Blog. Thanks for keeping it going. Just to say that your Boxing Day is known as St Stephens day here in Ireland. I'd just started Acts the other day so his story is still fresh in my mind.

Wishing you a Blessed 2010.


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