Monday, January 18, 2010


Randomness is the word that I would use to sum up my day.

A Sunday review meeting told me that we had 300 more people in church this week than last. The difference snow makes!

Not sure if it is New Years resolution but we seem to be seeing faces at church that we have not seen for some time. If that's you its great t0 see you!

Spent some time introducing Joshua Verity, intern at MKCC, to Google Reader and Blogging.

Did a bit of work on our new building.

Talked about some changes in our Day Nursery and a new manager.

Set some diary dates for various events and courses at MKCC.

Passed on information to the guys at that MKCC had given £2463 towards their efforts in Haiti.

Visited the gym.

Packed my bag for the next 3 days away planning with Mark Sherratt.


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