Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday service thoughts

Here are some thoughts I twittered from today's service.

  • Mark preached on Love is Patient
  • He asked us to confess if we have been angry this week - both hands up! Painful
  • Patience is the companion of wisdom - Augustine
  • Mark used the Greek word for patience (MAKROTHUMEO)and he murdered it.
  • Lady said to Billy Sunday, There is nothing wrong in loosing my temper I blow up & then it's over and I am OK. His reply - so does a shotgun and look at the damage that causes
  • Getting angry can be like jumping into a sports car flooring it only to realise the brakes are not working
  • Anger gives the devil a foothold in your life Eph 4 v 26
  • Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever REGRET - Robert Fairnie
  • God suggests that you don't hang around with angry people because its infectious Prob 22 v 24 I could be lonely this week!
  • Instead of getting angry release your worries to God Psalm 37 v 7-8 wait patiently on God he will help carry the load.
  • Phil 4 v 6-7 instead of worrying and getting angry - PRAY - instead of getting angry we will experience Gods peace.
  • Take a rest. - some of the best spiritual advice available. when you are tired it's easier to loose it.
  • Changing my expectations of other people can help deal with worry and anger in our lives.
  • Mark suggested that a piece of furniture from Ikea is a devil particularly at 11 at night and you discover a part is missing.
  • Before God I am my own greatest project.
  • The pathway of following Jesus includes choosing to be slow to anger and the way of patience.
  • Exodus 34 v 6 God says he is slow to get angry and has a great wealth of Love on offer . Great example.
Last week I hear a preacher say, "Most Christians are educated way beyond their obedience." Clearly I am most Christians as have some obedience issues on this subject. So wish Mark had preached on something else.


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