Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sometimes we focus on flags

The People of Israel did everything the way God commanded Moses: They camped under their respective flags; they marched by tribe with their ancestral families. Num 2 v 34

In some ways nothing has changed in a few 1000 years. The people of God are still camped around God its just that the names of the flags have changed.

Instead of Judah & Ephraim etc. We have different labels. They used to be denominational in nature: Assembly of God, Baptist, Presbyterian, C of E, United Reformed. Now they seem to be being replaced by new terms: Purpose Driven, seeker sensitive, missional, attractional, emergent the list goes on.

There is nothing wrong with any of these flags as long as we do as the children of Israel did.

  1. Although they camped under their flag their focus was on God (v2) Facing God's tent not looking at each other.
  2. Although each tribe had their own identity they all marched together with the same purpose at the same time as flying their distinct flag. Every tribe was needed in the battle.
  3. Although they counted each tribe and some tribes had more numbers than others in the end it was the total number that mattered.
  4. They focused on what God told their leader to do not on what each of the other tribes were doing. Maybe its time we focused less on other flags, either complementing or criticising, and more on our leader Jesus.
Check out One Prayer one way for different flags to work together.


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