Friday, March 13, 2009

Jesus Unleashed

Yesterday Nicola and I had the privilege of attending Unleash at Newspring Church. It was an incredible day. Perry Noble is a brilliant communicator. He has a great way of cutting through the rubbish and getting to the heart of the matter. (Watch him here. Click on menu then on demand)

As well as a good leader they also have a very talented staff everywhere you look which strive for excellence in everything they do. They clearly work hard and are achieving great things for God's kingdom but remain humble.

They have brilliant volunteers (500 helping to make unleash happen) who are sold out to the vision and all ooze the same spirit and selflessly serve others.

They have fabulous facilities with awesome buildings and all the modern technology that you would want.

All of these things are great but its not the memory that will remain with me the most. What will stick with me the most is that its all about: JESUS. Sounds simple but if their is a secret to there incredible development from 15 people meeting in a living room to 10,000 people meeting over 5 campuses in 9 years its JESUS.

They talk about Jesus people come, they talk about Jesus some more and more people come.

As Perry said in his last session. You can take away the buildings, you can take the lights, you can take the big screens but you can not take away Jesus.


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