Thursday, March 19, 2009

Newspring Thoughts

Last Thursday I spent the day hanging out at Unleash hosted by Newspring Church.

Their story is incredible started in 1999 with a few people meeting in a living room they how weekly host over 10,000 people over 4 Campuses. Over 4,000 people have made a decision to start following Jesus since they started.

They have lots of the things that you would expect in a large American church. A charismatic leader, high quality staff, great facilities, awesome music, lights and technology etc etc. None of which are bad.

But that's not what you walk away with when you leave the place.

1. Its all about Jesus. I know that sounds simple but honestly in church life its not always true. Their mantra is "Making Jesus famous on person at a time". For them that is not just a nice saying it is in everything they do. It doesn't matter where you touch it you hear the same thing. "We don't really know what we are doing, what is happening is not normal, we know its not us so it must be Jesus."

2. Their volunteers are totally amazing. I think there were around 500 of them out early in the morning shouting and generally going crazy to welcome everyone to unleash. Nothing was too much trouble. Everyone you spoke to oozed the same spirit and attitude. I was continually humbled to be served by them. To the outside observer Newspring could be all about their gifted leader Perry Noble but he is only part of the great move of God that is going on there. Ordinary people with day jobs step up and sacrifice and give with such an unselfish and humble spirit are, if there is one, the true "secret" to success of Newspring. Thanks guys.

Watch some of the sessions here.


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