Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bring on Numbers

Up until the last few weeks I loved By using it for the last year or so on my laptop and with the iPhone app I am positive I have read the Bible much more and stuck to a reading plan. Then I hit the book of Leviticus. Ch 27 seems still a long way away.

I am a GRACE man. It has invaded and revolutionised my life. I was brought up in a church that had lists of rules, regulations and rituals that you had to follow to gain God's acceptance. The only problem was that you were set up to fail. So for years I lived in a cloud of despondence trying and failing to meet the grade.

Then I found out that although I am messed up God loves me anyway. Now my inspiration for following Jesus is not fear of failure and judgement but thankfulness and appreciation for the unconditional love that He continues to show me each day despite my failures.

I am just thankful that I didn't have to live through Leviticus but in the Shadow of grace.


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