Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fuzzy Faith

The Telegraph today reported that according to a new European wide survey, Britain is one of the least religious nations in Europe.

It found that the UK has one of the highest rates of "fuzzy faith" - or people who have an abstract belief in God and an ill-defined loyalty to Christian traditions. I think that the survey describes a huge opportunity for the church.

Survey: According to the study, only 12 per cent of Britons feel they "belong" to a church.

Opportunity: 88% of people in Britain do not belong to a church and probably have not visited a Sunday Service. Their expectation of they have any my not meet with reality.

Survey: The UK has been involved in a "long process of disestablishment", with Christianity gradually being written out of laws and political institutions."Christian faith will soon have no role among our traditional establishments or lawmakers."

Opportunity: Following Jesus is about a change of heart not obeying a list of rules. At least people will not confuse a relationship with Jesus with enforced laws which are not bad in and of themselves but are not a sign of real spiritual renewal.

Survey: "Just because you're not religious, it doesn't mean you're not spiritual or moral,A lot of people simply don't want to take the whole package of religion on board."

Opportunity: People are not rejecting spirituality just the old package of religion. We are not trying to get people to adopt a religion but to start a relationship.

Survey: While "new wave" religions like Scientology, Kaballah or the Moonie faith, have received considerable media coverage because of their association with Tom Cruise, Madonna and other celebrities, the number of followers remains tiny.

Opportunity: We are not into celebrity, although its great whoever starts following Jesus including temporary celebrities. We only have one truly famous person in Christianity and when we lift him up people can't help being drawn to him - JESUS.

There is nothing fuzzy about him!


Anonymous said...

There's religion, and then there's faith. Preaching religion may be a way of making a living, but there's the risk of losing your sex appeal. If you stick to just faith you'll have to live on it, as well. But faith is what attracts people and keeps them coming.

I'd like to offer some thoughts I put into a free e-book, Walkabout: The History of a Brief Century. One of the matters the book deals with is this dichotomy of living faith vs. lame religion.

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