Thursday, March 19, 2009

Believing God

Recently read some quotes from Elizabeth Anscombe, English Philosopher who died in 2001, that has me thinking. Here is one:

"The astounding idea that there should be such a thing as believing God. - not only trusting God or believing in God, but believing what God tells us."

I have no problem believing in God's existence, I trust Him (well most of the time) but sometimes I have a hard time believing what he tells me.

I have a hard time believing that:

  • He actually loves me.
  • He has a plan for MY life.
  • He forgives me when I mess up.
  • He will never leave me alone.
  • He listens to me when I talk to Him.
  • He is interested in what I say.
If God were to tell me some bad things about me strangely enough I would find it easier to believe Him but He doesn't and I want to believe what he says. Now, most times I do but unfortunately there are times of doubt.

That cheered you all up! Confessions of a recovering cynic.


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