Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sometimes we just don't understand

Job 9

There are times in life when I have said God I just don't understand what you are doing. I've looked at situations and thought that's just not fair.

I remember when my mum was very ill not long before she died and her brother came to visit. He said why you? What he meant was hey why is God allowing this to happen to you? You have been faithful to God. I could understand him doing this to me but why you? Her answer was a question, Why not?

I thought it was a great answer of trust and faith. So often we try to answer the question why. That's much of what the question of the book of Job is all about trying to answer the question why. It seems however at this stage that trying to answer this question was leading Job in a downward spiral. His conversations with his friends and own thought process brought him to a difficult place with a warped view of God.

v17 As it is, he knocks me about from pillar to post, beating me up, black and blue, for no good reason.

At some point in our lives I am sure we are going to be faced with the question why and we will just not understand what is going on. At that time we must remember the character and nature of God and trust Him to be with us through it even if we don't understand the why.

Easier said than done.


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