Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pompous quacks

Job 13

Job has had enough of his so called friends and lets them have it with both barrels. Reading this I find that I seem to have more and more in common with Job. I sometimes swing from faith to doubt and from hope to despair. I start out with great intentions my heart is there but sometimes in the time of testing my head can kick in just like Job. But I also seem to have another similar trait.

Reading these comment of his "friends" everything inside of me has been shouting tell them where to go. Finally he lets rip and sends out a bit of a tirade against them. And to let you have a little glimpse in to the ungodly part of my life I am shouting yes! Let them have it.

Yes I am sad to say all that stuff is hidden, and maybe not all that well hidden, inside of me. Do I want to change it yes but can I deny it absolutely not.

I've been around church for all of my 45 years and honestly I've heard a lot of spiritual junk spouted. There are a lot of, in Jobs words, "Pompous quacks" around. When you become a pastor its even worse people seem to think when they speak to you they have to talk on some super spiritual plane. But really deep down the do not even believe what they are saying. Job has good advice for that. He says in v 11

Doesn’t his splendor put you in awe? Aren’t you afraid to speak cheap lies before him?

Lets stop quacking and start being real.


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