Monday, December 08, 2008

Rock bottom

Job 10

This has been an incredibly difficult journey for Job and in this chapter it would seem that he hits rock bottom. His faith journey has been a bit of a downward spiral since he made his faith declaration in Job 1 v 21. Now he arrives at a place where his bitterness overflows towards God.

Its easy to be critical of Job. I have to be honest I have never been in such a dire place as him but still in my life been in a place of doubt and despair. It would appear that Job's main difficulty was trying to come to terms with the difficulty and find a reason for it. He had no understanding of what was going in the eternal realms of God.

It would appear that Job is on the verge of fulfilling the Devil's accusation. I doubt if I rate in the ball park of having the devil making a direct challenge to God about me but the Christian life is none the less a journey learning to trust God more.


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